Workshops available

All experience levels are welcome

Intro to Figma for non-designers

$ 250.00 USD

A 2-hour workshop that will teach you the basic skills you'll need to navigate, work with, and collaborate in Figma.
Workshop highlights
Small groups of less than 10 participants
The basics of using, navigating, and collaborating in Figma
Group discussion and exercises
Take-home resources to keep your skills sharp
Advanced Figma for non-designers

$ 350.00 USD

Become a Figma power user in this 3-hour workshop that focuses on learning the advanced features in a way that's tailored to your work and objectives.
Workshop highlights
Small groups of less than 15 participants
Hands-on exercises and discussions
Take-home templates and components to use immediately
Overview of prototyping for non-designers
Which workshop is right for you?
Try intro to Figma for non-designers if:
You spend less than 30 minutes a day in Figma
Your team only allows designers to have edit access
You feel lost navigating spaces and files
You have no experience with design tools
Try the advanced workshop if:
You spend at least an hour a day in Figma
You plan to edit and create your own work in Figma
You'd like to make contributions to design files
You want to enhance the visibility of your work
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